EcoSmart ECO 27 is Worth Buying? – Best Tankless Water Heater

In tankless water heater, there are many options available in market but as of now, Ecosmart Eco 27 is getting best positive reviews so far. Yes, Ecosmart brand has earned good goodwill in recent times which you might be get surprised. Ecosmart has provided one of the best and cheapest water heater in tankless water heater category. The brand ecosmart also claims that their water heater is saving up to 50% on energy bills and available at most affordable price. Many people from north who are using it since months have recommended it.

EcoSmart ECO 27 is the Best Tankless Water Heater in 2017?

EcoSmart ECO 27
Below is our detail review with specification, features list and more from Ecosmart ECO 27.  We have also considered some of the positive and negative reviews of the amazon buyers on our review, hope our review will help you to get best of it.

Perfect for all weather conditions

This product is perfect for south as well as for the people from north America, as it can give you up to 3 gallons per minute of hot water even if the temperature go down to 37 F. Also, you can use hot water from this heater for atlest 2 shower. If you have average weather with bit normal temperature, this product can serve you up to 6 gallons per minute of hot water easily.

Check out below mentioned image to get location wise temperature in winter of USA;-
weather conditions

Saves money, space and time

No doubt tankless water heaters are costlier than tank one but overall, its a great deal to make. That’s because the tankless water heater are having lifetime warranty as well. For example, EcoSmart brand gives lifetime warranty on this water heater, means you can save lots of your money on maintenance, time to get hot water. 

In compared to other version of water heater, tankless water heater takes very less time to get you hot water. Also, in tank water heater, if you are last person to bath, you probably will get less hot water to bath, while such issues are not present in tankless water heater.

Easy to use

Water heaters with tanks are not easy to use as much as tankless water heater. You need to do so much preparation, had to wait till the tank is getting filled and what not. But with tankless water heater, you can just switch it on and open the tap of the water and you will get instant hot water on your shower. It’s super easy to use the tankless water heater.

Life of product is longer

The Ecosmart Eco 27 is having lifelong warranty (limited) and according to many sources, that tank water heater has only 8—9 years of like while the Ecosmart Eco 27, a tankless water heater does have lifelong warranty.

Digital temperature control

The Ecosmart Eco 27 water heater has got digital temperature control on the front. Anyone can start using it after reading the user manual to get hot water as per their need. Yes, you can easily control the temperature of hot water in this water heater.

These are the points we come to know while reviewing this water heater. Overall, it has all the advance features and low price, and can work in all kind of weather condition. For more review updates, keep visiting us.

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